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Monarch Industrial is a company focused on innovative solutions for both B to C and B to B customers. 

Business to Customers (B to C):

All products for our end user customer base must pass a simple test.  Does it add value to customers in a way not currently available to them elsewhere?  If the answer is yes, the product will be a candidate to bear the Monarch brand.  If not, the product will be passed up and Monarch will not enter that competitive space.  In short, the brand is reserved for only products which can distinguish themselves in the market.  That philosophy coupled with listening carefully to our end users is the foundation for what we strive to do.  We have learned so much over the years by rubbing shoulders with some of the best minds in the industry and will continue our own education by listening carefully to all points of view.

From the founder, Barry Schwaiger:

I fell in love with woodworking at a young age and have stayed on that path in one way or another throughout the years.  Monarch Industrial was founded as a continuation of that passion.  After many years of working in the corporate world of the woodworking industry focused on the product development side of the business, one learns plenty of things "not to do".  Hopefully after a collection of those instances it becomes a more clear vision of "what to do".  So often we see products introduced in the market that seem to solve problems that don't really exist or seemed like a good idea when the pitchman was showing them but find themselves collecting dust in the shop.  In short, Monarch was a venture 20 years in the making and focused purely on bringing new ideas and meaningful solutions to the market.

Yours Truly,

Barry Schwaiger